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Electric Scooter On The Physical Fitness Requirements
Fortune Technology Company Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2016


Strength is showed a muscle strain or contraction capability. Development of muscle strength, generally increasing the number of muscle fibers, plus super muscle fiber volume. Two exercise approaches, electric unicycle exercise offers two ways to set up refining selected electric scooter because it is a single wheel on the ground, human body, the body's full weight on ' on the key points, which is lower than two-wheeled bike, than the feet take turns stepping to the ground pressure is greater. Therefore, overcome friction forces on the ground, human muscle l greater force is required, reincarnation plunge into action, plus set of leg muscle fibre size, there are big benefits


People in the movement, speed of reaction speed cable-quality is good or bad, in the form of reaction speed, movement speed of periodic motion velocity. Electric unicycle movement, in particular electric unicycle race, quality of route is a very good speed.

Speed of response is the body-minded to the sudden change, speed of stimulus and response. Electric unicycle race start training ... is a good method of exercising human reaction. Electric unicycle race, place static view, helped start and moving projections based on three starting methods, either start, needs players ' reaction speed. Method of ship Chen, reaction speed exercises more channels.

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