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Electric Scooters And Balance Differs From Car
Fortune Technology Company Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2016

Electric Skateboard car is based on traditional skateboard car of design thought, in human skateboard car of based Shang upgrade and to, in skateboard car Shang increased has battery, and motor, and lights, and instrument disc, and computer chip, parts, while on wheels, and brake, and frame, system for upgrade, to derivative out has electric skateboard car this class products, General more of appeared in daily of travel travel in the, especially by work family of welcomes.

For now, the electric scooter rates from 1000 Yuan to tens of thousands of Yuan, in Europe and the developed countries as well as Taiwan's major cities are very welcomed by the younger age groups.

Since balance car, and called electric balance car, and body sense car, and thinking car,, has alone round and double two species type, since balance car is in recent years appeared of a new of transport, used battery added motor drive, and computer chip added sensor assist control of way, can using car of gyro instrument and Acceleration read sensor real-time monitoring body attitude of changes, and made adjustment, to achieved "dynamic" stable, is modern used to as travel tool, and leisure entertainment of a new of green environmental of products, In addition to daily walking outside on exhibition in also often play their transport role. Prices generally ranging in the hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

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