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Electric Unicycle Led What
Fortune Technology Company Ltd | Updated: Nov 02, 2016

Always green and flashing green

1) green light stay lit: indicates the current charge is greater than 67%, you can rest assured that use.

2) Green flashing:

2.1 when the blink rate is low (about 1 second 1 time), showing the current capacity below and above 67% 33%;

2.2 when the flashing frequency is higher (about 1 second and 5), showing the current power drops to 33%, it should be noted that charging;

Red permanent and flashing red

1) red light stay lit: indicates that the battery is low and needs charging.

2) Red blinking:

2.1 shows that the IPS is in danger, immediately stop and turn off the power.

2.2 full charge, turn on the power, if the fault is not eliminated and sent to the repair location for inspection and maintenance.

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