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Ninebot One S2 Single Wheel Smart Scooter Electric Self Balance Monowheel Hoverboard Skateboard Unicycle Airboard

Original Ninebot One S2 smart single one wheel scooter electric self balance monowheel hover board skateboard UL2272 unicycle Max speed 24km/h 500W motor power Charging life more than 1000 times Riding mileage more than 30000km Typical climping angle of 15° Magnesium alloy frame and pedal...

Product Details

Original Ninebot One S2 smart single one wheel scooter electric self balance monowheel hover board skateboard UL2272 unicycle

Max speed 24km/h

500W motor power

Charging life more than 1000 times

Riding mileage more than 30000km

Typical climping angle of 15°

Magnesium alloy frame and pedal

Waterproof of IP54

Brand:Ninebot One S2


Best Brand in the world

their product are not only for consumers but also for

Police/Government&Military/Security/Emergency Response


Product Size:Approx.60*55*650px/23.4*21.4*10.4in

Product Weight:Approx.12.8kg/448oz


Lightweight Magnesuim-aluminium alloy

(structural material in common use in aviation and space)

possesses stronger impact resistance and load capability with anti-corrosion coating.

IP54 waterproof to have good performance in wet ground,sand

Inductive LED Rainbow Sets:Driving lamp,taillight,turn signal lamp,brake lamp.

Software Support:Download"Ninebot"From Android/iOS store

Smart App:Remote control,alarm system,instrument panel,

car conditional diagnose 360 degree to adjust speed and directions,

30 km Long time endurance with smart battery system.

Can be remotely locked and comes with anti-theft alarm.

Ninebot One S2 Specification

Index Items Model S2

Dimension Machine Size(mm) 448*419*182

Weight Payload(kg) 120

Net(kg) 11.4


Requirement Applicable Age 16~50

Applicable Height(cm) 120~200 cm(3.9~6.6 ft)


Parameter Max.Speed(km/h) 24

Typical Mileage[1](km) Approx.30

Max.Climbing Angle Approx.15°

Beginner Mode Can be disabled or reset by App after 1km(0.6ml)riding.Accumulative riding,can be reset by App

Applicable Terrian Harden pavement,flat dirt pavement,down ramp<15°,staircase<75px,groove width<75px

Operation Temp. "-10°C~+45°C

Storage Temp. "-20°C~+45°C

IP grade IP54

Battery Pack Nominal Voltage(VDC) 54.3

Max.Charging Voltage(VDC) 63

Nominal Capacity(Wh) 310

Smart BMS Balance/Overvoltage/Undervoltage/Overheating Protection,detailed information of battery can be checked with Ninebot-App

Motor Nominal Power(W) 500

Max.Power(W) 1000

Compliance CCC,CE

Charger Nominal Power(W) 120

Nominal Input Voltage(VAC) 100-240VAC/50~60Hz

Nominal Output Voltage(VDC) Approx.63

Nominal Current(A) Approx.1.9


Charging Time(H) Approx.3

Display Panel Annulus display panel on both sides.14*2 independent RGB LED,battery power display,customized light

[1]Typical mileage refers to:test under riding in full power,70kg load,25°C environmental temperature,15km/h average speed on-pavement.

Packaging Details:

Carton box,550*220*520mm 16KG

Delivery Detail:

Within 3-10 business days after payment received

Shenzhen Fortune Technology Co.,Ltd.established in Shenzhen,China in 2012.we are a professional manufacturer with 4years experience of the electronic products including the Smart Balance Scooter,Laptop,Tablet PC,Power bank etc.,We are an OEM provider and have our own R&D center,QA&QC Dept.,PCB assembly line,Aging test,Warehouse,Sales&after-sales service Dept.All our products are guaranted with the certificates of CE,FCC,ROHs,UL...;

we are Now getting our products of the Smart Balance Scooter/Hover board&Electric scooter on hot sales!!!Any of your inquiries or questions are warly welcomed,and you will surely be offered much more than you expected.

1.Free maintenance within 12 months guarantee.

2.Professional research and development team.

3.Technical support for installation.

4.Strict quality control system.

5.Customize production.packed in carton box accroding to the wheel size,different wheel size needs different box.

1. Q:Issue on the strength of the plastic shell

A:In view of the physical defects found in 915R,we have conducted actual tests with more than three vendors on a quality PC material to ensure that the shell will not crack.

2. Q:Issue with gaps in the pedals

A:Interference exists on the surfaces,and test data is required for the correct casting size.We have identified the warpage in the mold used for the pedals and modified the plastic mold to remove the warpage.

3. Q:Issue with adjustment to the cooler’s heat-dissipating surface

A:We have matched the hardware and modified the mold.

4. Q:Issue with the button translucency scheme

A:Translucency of the original button was insufficient.We have replaced the transparent material and used transfer printing to achieve better translucency.

5. Q:Issue on adjusting the hardness of the waterproof gasket

A:The waterproof gasket may cock at varying degrees after the battery cover has been assembled.The solution is to adjust the hardness of the waterproof gasket and increase the tightness in the battery cover’s snap joint appropriately.

Fortune Technology is a professional high-tech enterprise, who is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of ninebot one s2 single wheel smart scooter electric self balance monowheel hoverboard skateboard unicycle airboard. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with many professionals and advanced equipment. Please be free to wholesale quality products from our factory, and customized service is also offered.

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