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Original Ninebot E Elite bluetooth two 2 wheel Smart self balance scooter electric 2 wheel hover board Price skateboard Segway Review

Original Ninebot E Elite bluetooth two 2 wheel smart self balance scooter electric 2 wheel hover board Price skateboard Segway Review Ninebot E An Intelligent Self-balance Two-wheeler Elegant Trips that Brightens Life within 10 Kilometers Innovative Intelligent Robots for Short Trips Does this...

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Original Ninebot E Elite bluetooth two 2 wheel smart self balance scooter electric 2 wheel hover board Price skateboard Segway Review

Ninebot E

An Intelligent Self-balance Two-wheeler

Elegant Trips that Brightens Life within 10 Kilometers

Innovative Intelligent Robots for Short Trips

Does this transportation tool really exist?It has an elegant and simple appearance,is easy to learn and drive,convenient and not bulky,faster and easier than walking,and free from traffic jams unlike cars.One that features science and technology in this intelligent era,and is not too expensive to own or to power up.It would be even better if it is eco-friendly and low carbon since I am an environmentalist…What other requirements?I hope it makes me somewhat unique,a symbol of popularity.
All of this is just a starting point for the Ninebot.You will discover more extraordinary experiences once you step onto the pedals.
environmentalist…What other requirements?I hope it makes me somewhat unique,a symbol of popularity.

Gorgeous and Substantial,Simplistic but Not Simple

We hope that the Ninebot is as durable as it is attractive.We put in all our efforts to let the material express itself,without any paints or embellishments,and what you see is what it really is.The extremely strong AZ-91D magnesium alloy frame used in aeronautical engineering weighs only 1.7kg by using a honeycomb chamber arrangement and stringent CAE simulation design,and the operation lever uses frosted aluminum alloy material that has superb look and feel.In order to give the Ninebot a premium look,we use LEXANTM VisualFX polycarbonate resin from SABIC Innovative Plastics,which is used in the porcelain white covering of the iPhone,a rich and exquisite color.

Precise and Stable Trips from a Superior and Sophisticated Core

Based on existing unmanned aerial vehicle technologies deployed in the defense industry,Ninebot engineers researched and developed the first generation of self-balancing control system,and launched Ninesys Mk2TM,the second generation of self-balancing control system.After 5-years of data collation and continuous innovation,the improved technology is now applied to the self-balancing feature in Ninebot 9.Its output power can reach 80V/100A,with a power reserve coefficient that is ten times higher.Operating performance is more outstanding with faster response,and reliability is increased substantially,with newly added screen display module and Bluetooth module for phones.

Dual-redundancy Hot Standby Safety Technology

You do not want to fall off a defective Ninebot.Like the airplane,the normal operation of the Ninebot depends entirely on its hi-tech components such as its internal precision circuits and servomotors.Therefore,the engineers adopt the solution used extensively in any modern airliner,that is,the dual-redundancy hot standby technology.Inside the Ninebot,there are two sets for most key components;one set is for normal operations,while the other is in the standby mode.If the set that normally operates fails,then the device will automatically switch to the backup set,and sends a warning to the user to stop and check as soon as possible even as the vehicle continues to drive normally.Even though the cost is higher than what it will be for a single set,we believe that we should never

A Quiet and Economical Gentleman

We use a servomotor with a high-power density to provide the core power for the Ninebot,together with a third generation direct current frequency conversion technology,and design the gearbox of the Ninebot using advanced CAE tools to achieve higher energy conversion efficiency.Almost every wattage is used to produce power and not noise or heat,which provides you with a quiet drive during your trip.
Whenever you slow down,brake or drive down slope with the Ninebot,it will generate energy that will not be wasted,but will instead be stored in the battery pack inside the Ninebot by recycling the kinetic energy to provide energy when you speed up or drive up slope.

Another Life’s Possibility,Recover Wasted Time

We don't attempt to alter your life,and we only hope to enrich it.Short-distance trips between 1km to 10km may be too long for walking but too short for driving a conventional vehicle;therefore,you should use the Ninebot.No more walking and no more traffic jams.Its max speed is 20km/hr.,while the shock absorption and grip of the 16-inch high performance tire is superb,which is good for navigating braking zones and rugged surfaces.Every kilometer only uses up 1 cent worth of energy.More importantly,you may have elegantly reached your destination and drank a cup of hot tea while others are still on their way.

Alliance with Cars,Companion for Phones

The innovative short-distance solution by Ninebot fills in the gap between walking and driving cars seamlessly in terms of transportation.The handlebar may be dismantled easily,and the whole device weighs only 20kg,and can fit into a car's trunk easily.It's not just an self-balancing two-wheeler,but another choice for you to avoid jams.NinedroidTM App is now available in App Store and Android Market.From your smart phone,you can now check and operate the instrument panel,remotely control the ride,share your favorite record,perform online diagnosis and services,customize your settings and perform updates for Ninebot’s fixtures.If you forget to bring along a mobile charger,you can use the Ninebot to charge the phone.

Colors Generates Brilliance,More Beautiful at Night

Presently,the Ninebot provides a LEXAN Visual FX dazzling resin shell with three colors that can be changed easily.Crystal sea blue,fresh lime and rich wine red,the customized dazzling effects produced by the jelly texture is an artless performance that is a source of pride.
It has a unique stylish lighting zone complete with breathing effects on the operation lever,tail lamp and head lamp,and the lighting effects can be customized using the phone to create a mobile neon show.All of these not only make the trip more visually appealing,but also make the trip safer at night.

Interaction Between Human and Robot Is Splendid

You can easily and quickly learn how to operate the Ninebot by shifting your body back and forth after stepping onto the pedals,making it an intelligent robot for a trip that can be shared by the family.If needed,you can adjust the operation lever at different lengths.When driving,you can check the status of the Ninebot at any time with the liquid crystal display screen,and the unique design of the LED screen helps you to see clearly from any angle.
Every Ninebot is equipped with two intelligent control keys to activate the Ninebot from a distance of 5 to 10 meters away.Artistic design,sleek appearance and the comfortable handlebar accentuates the elegance from within.We never compromise on details.





Max 100

1)Top Speed(Km/h)


2)Max range on a full


Max slope


Battery capacity


Battery cycle life

~1000 cycles

Newbie Mode

5Km/h,Slower response but safe.Speed limit adjustable via the Ninedroid App(iOS/Android).

Package size(mm)

1140 140 95(operation bar)&620 444 470(mainframe)

3)Operation bar height

suitable height 1.5m to 1.9m

Motor controller




Max power output(Watt)


The battery/power mgmt.


Streering sensor


Gyro system


Wiring harness


Remote key(Pcs)




Full charge time(Hour)


4)Bluetooth remote control


Fender atomosphere light




Estimated Delivery Time

After 2014.03.01

1)Top speed depends on the battery level and current payload,could vary between 2~4km/
2)Test condition:plain hard surface,15km/h constant speed,rider's bodyweight 75kg,ambient temperature 20 Celsius.
3)150mm higher operation bar optional,for 1.8~2m tall rider.
4)Remote control function only available if user installed the handless operation bar on Ninebot.User can control the Ninebot to move with a smartphone app,which connected the Ninebot via Bluetooth.


Packaging Details:

Carton box KG

Delivery Detail:

Within 3-15 business days after payment received


Shenzhen Fortune Technology Co.,Ltd.established in Shenzhen,China in 2012.we are a professional manufacturer with 4years experience of the electronic products including the Smart Balance Scooter,Laptop,Tablet PC,Power bank etc.,We are an OEM provider and have our own R&D center,QA&QC Dept.,PCB assembly line,Aging test,Warehouse,Sales&after-sales service Dept.All our products are guaranted with the certificates of CE,FCC,ROHs,UL...;

we are Now getting our products of the Smart Balance Scooter/Hover board&Electric scooter on hot sales!!!Any of your inquiries or questions are warly welcomed,and you will surely be offered much more than you expected.


1.Free maintenance within 12 months guarantee.

2.Professional research and development team.

3.Technical support for installation.

4.Strict quality control system.

5.Customize production.packed in carton box accroding to the wheel size,different wheel size needs different box.


1. Q:How do I inflate the tires of my Ninebot?


You need to assemble the tire.Remove the decorative cover to reveal three screws.Unscrew these and remove the tire(with the nozzle on the inner side).The air pressure for inflation is 10pa~15pa.A heavy weight indicates a high pressure inflation.

2. Q:Why does my Ninebot lean backward?


①If you ride too fast,the vehicle will give an alarm,and lean backwards when decelerating.

②The vehicle has a speed limit set.Check if there's a speed limit button on the display screen of the handle.If there is,press the speed limit button on the right side of the remote control to cancel it.Or lock the vehicle when it's on to see the speed limit displayed on the screen.Then you can press the left and right keys on the remote control to adjust the figure-the maximum speed is 20

③The vehicle needs to be re-calibrated

④The batteries are low.

3. Q:How do I enter assisted riding mode?


After the vehicle is powered on,lightly step on the pedal panel and you will hear a"beep",which indicates the vehicle has entered assisted riding mode.After you get off the vehicle,the Ninebot will switch mode from standing riding to assisted riding.

4. Q:How do I pair the remote control and vehicle?


If the vehicle number is higher than 1425,unscrew the screw on the right side of the charging port with a pin or the like,insert the key into the port,and short press the power button once.Don’t press the power button more than once,or it may affect power on.Long press is not necessary.

5. Q:How do I calibrate my Ninebot?


First balance the vehicle(preferably against a wall),start it,lock it with the single unit lock button,press the power button four times,and press the speed limit button for 3-5 seconds.One calibration may not be successful,so try a few times if necessary.

Fortune Technology is a professional high-tech enterprise, who is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of original ninebot e elite bluetooth two 2 wheel smart self balance scooter electric 2 wheel hover board price skateboard segway review. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with many professionals and advanced equipment. Please be free to wholesale quality products from our factory, and customized service is also offered.

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