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Original Xiaomi Mi Ninebot Mini Smart Self Balance Scooter Electric 2 Wheel Hoverboard 10 Inch Skateboard Steering-wheel Hoverboard

Original Xiaomi Mi Ninebot Mini Smart Self Balance Scooter Electric 2 Wheel Hoverboard 10 inch Skateboard Steering-wheel Hoverboard. This car is only 12.8 kilograms of the little guy has such a performance,speeds of up to 16km/h.Its performance,not only allows you to experience the four times...

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Original Xiaomi Mi Ninebot Mini Smart Self Balance Scooter Electric 2 Wheel Hoverboard 10 inch Skateboard Steering-wheel Hoverboard.

This car is only 12.8 kilograms of the little guy has such a performance,speeds of up to 16km/h.Its performance,not only allows you to experience the four times the speed of walking,but also in excellent stability and dynamic balance,even 15 degrees steep slopes or small obstacles can easily climb.

Two direct-drive motor total output power of 700 watts,the instantaneous power can be more than 2000 watts,which is almost a hybrid electric motorcycles,not to mention it also has the advantages of low noise,maintenance-free.

When you know that such a small car balance life up to 22 km,you will be amazed.Necessary to maintain high performance,but also a long life,a normal battery can not solve the problem.Designed for high-performance designs with import 18650 lithium battery pack,more advanced technology,up to 1200 watts of continuous discharge.

Nine balance the car,there are two play,in addition to driving,you can remote control via Bluetooth phone.Mobile is the remote control,360 direction lever to adjust the speed and direction of the flexible,you can even use it to deliver a gift to a friend,or a remote control it and Meng pet dog playing with friends in a multi-vehicle car to Balancing a"robot contest"also It is not a problem.I love life is love toss,together explore more new play it.

Consider low light conditions,driving safety,automotive lighting system designers reference for Nine Balancing car with automatic running lights and LED taillights.Front running lights automatically illuminate the road ahead,facilitate understanding of road conditions.You can adjust the brightness according to the ambient light irradiation distances of up to 5 meters.Two LED taillights default blue,red brake lights during deceleration,the yellow light is able to indicate the direction the steering when cornering.


Xiaomi Smart Balance Wheel




54.8(scooter width)x 26(wheel diameter)x 59.5(H)cm


12.8kg with battery


Max 16km/h


Max 85kg


Max 35Nm*2

Motor rated power



Max 2100W

Motor control method

Sine wave vector control,current&speed loop-locked controlling algorithm


Max 15 degree

Topographic condition

Harden ground,flat earthen floor,rampway below 15 degree,

step not higher than 1cm,groove not wider than 3cm

Chassis height

Ground clearance higher than 80mm


IP54(ordinary waterproof,can be used in light rain)

Energy resource structure

30 x 18650 high power Lithium battery unit

Smart BMS

Overpressure/undervoltage/short circuit/overheating protection,

auto sleep/awake,test the battery condition through APP

Charger rated power


Rated input voltage

100-240V AC,50/60Hz

Rated output voltage

About 63V DC

Charging time

About 4 hours

Braking distance

Dry state about 3.4m

Braking method

Somatosensory motor energy-absorbing buffer,energy recycle

Shock absorption mechanism

High elasticity magnesium alloy shock absorption body+shock absorption foot pad

Travel distance

About 22km

Typical life means:under the condition of full battery,

70kg loaded,25C ambient temperature,

15km/h average speed on flat road.


Magnesium alloy high elasticity frame


10.5inch low pressure vacuum rubber tyre

Wheel hub

6inch magnesium alloy light alloy

Smart self-adapting learning algorithm

Auto optimize output power,turning sensitive degree and safe protection parameters

according to the driver's weight and history driving habbits.


Instrument panel,automatic trouble diagnosis,remote control drving,

firmware update,personal setting,etc

Smart safe alert

Overloaded,over power,over heating,slip,overspeed drving,etc

New learner teaching

Teaching learners the safe driving lesson through a interactive method

Beginner Mode

New scooter need cumulative reach 1km to unlock the beginner mode,

you can use APP to re-enter the beginner mode after that.


About 16-50 years old


About 120-200cm

Package contents

1 x Scooter


Ambient brightness inductive LED front light

Self-induced LED taillight/turn light
Bluetooth indicator light
Battery indicator light

Packaging Details:

Carton box 67cm x 38cm x 30cm 16KG

Delivery Detail:

Within 3-15 business days after payment received

Shenzhen Fortune Technology Co.,Ltd.established in Shenzhen,China in 2012.we are a professional manufacturer with 4years experience of the electronic products including the Smart Balance Scooter,Laptop,Tablet PC,Power bank etc.,We are an OEM provider and have our own R&D center,QA&QC Dept.,PCB assembly line,Aging test,Warehouse,Sales&after-sales service Dept.All our products are guaranted with the certificates of CE,FCC,ROHs,UL...;

we are Now getting our products of the Smart Balance Scooter/Hover board&Electric scooter on hot sales!!!Any of your inquiries or questions are warly welcomed,and you will surely be offered much more than you expected.

1.Free maintenance within 12 months guarantee.

2.Professional research and development team.

3.Technical support for installation.

4.Strict quality control system.

5.Customize production.packed in carton box accroding to the wheel size,different wheel size needs different box.

1 Why are some electric scooters so much more expensive than others?

Some electric scooters are more expensive mainly because of its brand and the country of origin.

Also,the quality of materials which the electric scooter is made also affects the price.E-scoots made with alumnium and alloy would definitely command a higher price than those with plastic bodies.

2 Are the electric scooters'battery removable?

From what we know there isnt a model available that has removable battery(all batteries are rechargeable).Pretty much like iphones,the batteries are built into the body of the electric scooter.

Therefore,charging it requires you to bring the scooter to your charger.

Since many electric scooters are foldable,we believe that wouldn't be a problem for most people.

3 How do I choose an electric scooter?

Depends on which factor you are most concerned with.

They are:size,speed,warranty,price,battery.

Fortune Technology is a professional high-tech enterprise, who is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing of original xiaomi mi ninebot mini smart self balance scooter electric 2 wheel hoverboard 10 inch skateboard steering-wheel hoverboard. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are equipped with many professionals and advanced equipment. Please be free to wholesale quality products from our factory, and customized service is also offered.

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